Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool All Versions (Official Xiaomi Flash Tool)

Xiaomi mi flash tool

There are many ways to flash stock firmware on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. But Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool is one of the popular application for Xiaomi devices, which allows an easy flash process. Users can download all versions of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool freely from our website with a complete Flashing guide.

What is Xiaomi Flash Tool?

The Xiaomi Flash Tool is a windows application that can flash the FastBoot firmware files on your phone. This tool does not add support for OTA updates, which means if you want those features, then we recommend installing their official recovery instead of using this one!

Xiaomi has a great tool that you can use to flash your handset. The only problem? It’s for Xiaomi devices and not other phones, so download at your own risk!

Xiaomi Flash Tool Features

Xiaomi Flash Tool Installer

The Xiaomi Flash desktop program is a must-have for those who want to install it on their PC. So the download includes ADB Tool, Drivers software files, and flash files so that you can get started quickly downloading right away!

Inbuilt Drivers

The Xiaomi Mi Flash tool has inbuilt USB drivers, including google Abd Drivers and more. The portable version of the software can be installed manually through the driver menu on this program’s user interface. 

Support All Qualcomm Chipset Devices

The Xiaomi flash tool is easy to use and installed on a computer with the Qualcomm chipset drivers. Once you have successfully installed these, it will detect your connected devices automatically, making installation faster than ever before!

Multiple Flashing Options:

Xiaomi devices can be updated in three ways.

  1. Clean All: This will apply the latest firmware on your phone, including bootloaders for fast boots like Mi Mover or Fastboot Flasher tool when installed properly. 
  2. Save user Data: This only flashes those parts of system files that are not stored locally. These allow users to update more quickly without having any apps getting locked from going online while they wait their turn.
  3. Clean All and Lock: it will wipe all device data and relock the phone boot loader.

Installation Guideline for Xiaomi Mi Flash tool

The Xiaomi MI Flash Tool is a helpful tool for flashing your phone’s firmware. It has an easy-to-use interface and support to flash both FastBoot versions of the software and OTA updates, though not at once! This program supports Windows XP through 10, so make sure you have it installed on whatever device you’re practicing before getting started.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20130420

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20140509

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20141107

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20150601

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20150731

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20151028

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20160401

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20160830

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20161222

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20170425

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20171212

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20180528

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20181115

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20191030

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20191111

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20191206

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20200314

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool v20210226 – (Latest Version)

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